Great at this point you have Google login email address and password. Now you go to

1. The site will recognize you have a Google account and ask you to enter your login information:


2. Since this is your first time to Blogger, you will be asked to enter a display name for your account. This is the name that will be associated with your posts on your blog. Accept the Terms of Service and click the "Continue" button.


3. When you click continue, you should be brought to the Dashboard.


4. You are ready to create your Blog.

The biggest challenge when using Blogger is coming up with a unique name in the URL for the site that is not already in use. As you can see from the video below, this can be annoying. I recommend writing several unique URL names down before you get to this screen. The URL for your blog will be The title for your blog can be changed at anytime; HOWEVER, the unique URL name cannot be changed -- choose carefully.

The templates are the designs for your blog. There are several nice templates available. These can be changed at any time; therefore, you are not stuck with the template you choose when first creating your blog.

This is what the process looks like from the beginning: